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Using lists in your dating profile headlines can also pack a real punch because having a number mixed in with all that text can help you stand out. Now that you know the perfect headline for dating sites does exist, up your dating game and be ready for some fantastic date proposals. Pick from these catchy, funny, and flirty headlines and woo your potential dates.

Otherwise, people will think you violate boundaries and are insecure. You’ll lose lots of potential matches over this. Suppose at your workplace there’s a really slow person. To seem cool, don’t even think about naming that person.

POF Headline #4: Subconsciously Target Women With Your Favorite Song

My soul mate’s gonna be my only property; guys who can commit unconditionally only need to apply. We’ll never know if we’re a great match unless you click that message me button. I like to think of myself as a not-so-hopeless romantic. To all nerds- better be ready to be all mega-dorky and up close. I want that sensitive guy who can watch The Lion King with miss lion queen.

Here are a few good opening lines that are bound to stand out in a sea of matches and messages. Men tend to struggle with shifting the relationship from one that’s online to one IRL. They have a habit of trying to get a know a person online in-depth before asking for a number. You’re not supposed to become pen pals with someone -exchanging messages for weeks- before asking them out.

This headline tells women exactly what they’re getting themselves into. The beard-loving women will flock to it and the rest won’t. But the point of this POF headline isn’t to cast a large net, but to only attract a certain type of women.

You’re not going to get a woman to fall desperately in love with you using only a headline, but you can definitely intrigue her. And the best way to do that is to create curiosity. Below are some mistakes to avoid (and, sadly, actual headlines we’ve seen). Now we’re not going to make any snarky comment about these headlines. (But seriously, they’re awful, don’t use them).

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Flashing a little wit is the best way to get a woman to give your profile a thorough read-through. Headlines should be thought of as concise billboards that have to pack a punch in order to get the attention of a reader. She should be able to see your face in every single photo. Your profile needs to convince her that you’re both a real person and at least slightly attractive. Creating a quality POF headline is the easiest way to make you stand out.

Headline Examples for Women to Rock the Online Dating Scene

You can either use them to show your standards, mix them with humor or simply end with an ellipsis and leave them guessing. I am the guy your mother go to the website warned you about. You know, the really fun and interesting one. I don’t want the moon from space, but a gentleman who can fill my life with love.

Good humor is absolutely essential for a good first impression. Trading secrets with a stranger is easy (unless you’re sharing your PIN number). A secret for a secret will put you on a fast track to getting that first date. In today’s age, women pride themselves on their love of food. Tapping into her foodie side will quickly score you a date. Just broach a new fusion food truck that tastefully blends Maltese and Mexican cuisine and boom.

If there’s something we all agree we don’t want, that’s living a boring life. Excitement attracts so much because it makes us feel lively, and what’s the ideal way of making them feel included in your exciting life? Showing them that you’re a rebel in search of a more lively lifestyle. There’s a reason why readers fall in love with books and movies.

We’ve curated the ultimate list of online dating profile quotes that can help express who you are. So look through the list, pick what resonates with you, and add a little something special to your profile. Because your self is an awfully large topic. And, as is so often the case with awfully large topics, it’s hard to know where to start. Next time you find yourself staring at your online dating profile trying to tell people about yourself… don’t. Instead let someone else do it for you and use a quote.