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He sounded nice so we met at Starbucks. He said he didnt’ drink coffee but wanted to meet me. I didn’t hear from him the following week so I asked him if he wasn’t doing anything if he wanted to grab a bite to eat.

Just wants you to use and methods for android after which we love. The platform additionally presents dating steering, love blogs, and articles written by licensed psychologists and specialists, which assist your dating experience. Furthermore, the advanced questionnaire will assist FriendFinder-X’s algorithm make a match in an idyll. Premium users at FriendFinder-X can use their brand-new video date choice. Never exchange financial information.

Ourtime has a lot of members but most will just view you and not put in the effort to date. However if you contact them they usually do make some arrangement for a date. I had a very disturbing experience on one date and it still haunts me. After the date he walked me to my car and tried to twist me around to kiss him.

Lastly, I can write an email introducing myself, but they don’t respond. I believe this is incredibly rude and thoughtless. I won’t be renewing my membership. This is really what convinced me that what they are doing to folks is fraudulent and this site is only about the money. I did not enter or give them my credit card information; you see they lie also. Right away, I went to the site’s help button and sent a message stating the above-mentioned and reported same to my credit card company within 10 minutes of this charge taking place.

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I found 85% of the views are how to delete your I Like You account.. I was constantly contacted by foreign scam artists who are too stupid to realize that a highly educated person wont fall for their games. More than half of matches where not real people. Scams fakes and a weak site is why I don’t recommend anyone to use our time services. Beware if match looks to good to be true it is. In addition several weeks ago when I still had a paid subscription I was suddenly no longer able to view profiles that did not have pictures posted.

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Worse -they mistakenly changed my profile name to something very sleazy. I spent too much time complaining to them and asking for a refund, but like others, they said they have a “no refund policy.” Yes, they should be sued. Like another reviewer I just need to vent.

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A few weeks before my subscription expired, I started getting tons of winks, likes, and a return of old messages I had deleted. I canceled and immediately got pop-up messages pleading with me to re-up for a much lower cost. These woman are not looking for meaningful relationships, it’s all about great looks and a lot of money.

I did not know it was this bad however. Dont waste your money on this dating site or any other unless you have unlimited hours to waste weeding through the wackos. I found most on line dating sites about the same. Chalked full of social misfits, narcissists, liars, cheaters and sad sacks. I was just scammed out of a lot of money. I will not ever use this site or any site from hence forth.

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Please I want to cancel my account in this site. I only agree to pay for one month. Scammers or incompetent, either is too high of praise. “Flirts” from all over the country, that is REALLY helpful!!!

After searching the site, I only found an option to send an e-mail which I did, but still have not received a reply. While waiting for an email response, and searching again for a phone number, I discovered that my credit card was saved for automatic billing. I quickly changed the setting, which led to a confirmation email that contained a phone number. I called and spoke to a gentleman who told me a refund was out of the question because I had “usage” on my account. I didn’t touch the site, aside for frantically searching for a customer service number. How could there possibly be usage.

I paid a little or $36 dollars with activation fee and tax etc. Our Time will TELL you one thing verbally, while they WRITE something else totally contrary to your concerns. Even though it looks like you’re signing up for one month, auto renewal is buried by many links and you have to dig deep to turn it off. I called my bank on Thursday to check on my money, even though I knew I had no problem.

I agree with the other reviewers. I contacted customer service and when asked what city and state these calls were coming into I was told Costa Rica and was just blew off. After reading these reviews I just hope I’m not charged any fees because it appears nothing seems to be able to be done about this company. Yes, it’s all about the money-with everything.

Hard to get refund even when you follow their terms EXACTLY. Use virtual credit card number and limit amount and number of times card can be used or expect to have to dispute with your bank. Their match algo sucks…sends men matches who are men or women matches who are women….sends you matches from out of your preferred area and no regard to your specific preferences. Every time I sign in there are lots of profiles they say I viewed and I never viewed them, I delete them and there are more the next day. So is Ourtime adding them because I am not viewing them? I took my account off of auto renewal and will be deleting my profile at the end of the month.